WP 1.1 Performance Limits of Wireless Communications

Deriving the performance limits of Wireless Communications is a key factor to evaluate the margin of improvement of current and future wireless links and networks, including as much as possible actual constraints in terms of packet size, delay, processing complexity etc. This workpackage will target the basic tools to evaluate such limits, and in particular will i) Estimate the ultimate limits of communications and networking, from the physical layer point of view, with special emphasis on physical layer security, and on capacity of channels with constraints such as limited feedback or time-variation ii) Optimize the design of multi-hop networks with a cross-layer approach iii) Develop capacity-achieving channel codes, either as standalone, or as constituents of turbo-like codes, and provide good decoding algorithms for non-binary codes.

Description of work

  • Task 1.1.1 Theoretical limits of communications and networks
  • Task 1.1.2 Relaying and Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks¬†
  • Task 1.1.3 Capacity-reaching channel codes

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michel.kieffer at lss.supelec.fr



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