WP 1.2 Opportunistic and Cooperative Communications

In this WP, the researchers’ attention will be focused on the exploitation of cooperative communications among nodes to achieve significant capacity and multiplexing gain, as well as to decrease the loss probability and improve timeliness in data delivery. This will require use of appropriate coding strategies together with exploitation of diversity to achieve seamless communications and mitigate the effects of interference. Opportunistic networking solutions will also be studied, focusing on use of mobile sinks to speed up the delivery process according to the Delay-Tolerant Network paradigm, and new advanced techniques will be studied to improve performance of MANETs, with special attention where the potential of the emerging concept of mobile clouds applies.

Description of work

  • Task 1.2.1 Cooperative multi-user communications
  • Task 1.2.2 Optimal design of opportunistic networks and mobile clouds
  • Task 1.2.3 Cooperative sensing

Contact person

sergio.palazzo at diit.unict.it

Additional information