WP 2.3 Flexible communication terminals and networks

This Work Package aims to set up and maintain the EuWIn facilities at Eurecom (EuWIN@CNRS/Eurecom). The general focus is on networked signal processing for collaborative communications, development methodologies for massive radio networks in support of the Internet of Things, and technical enablers for white-space exploitation in the presence of a primary communication system.

Description of work

  • Task 2.3.1 Lab set-up, maintenance, and planning
  • Task 2.3.2 Tools for embedded hardware/software architectures
  • Task 2.3.3 Experimentation in collaborative communications in multi-hop network topologies
  • Task 2.3.4 Large-scale emulation for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Contact person

knopp at eurecom.fr

Additional information