WP 3.3 Journal Special Issues, Books and Book Chapters

Journal special issues published by major international editors (IEEE, Springer, Wiley, etc.) represent an excellent instrument to enhance the visibility of research activities carried out into the NoE. Partners in NEWCOM# are expected to play a leading role and thus actively participate as prospective Editors and authors due to the match between the topics in the Special Issues and those addressed within NEWCOM#. Book chapters constitute another instrument that will be used to report in depth on topics for which NEWCOM# has a strong expertise. This WP also encompasses the edition of NEWCOM#’s White Book which will summarize the main scientific outcomes of the project along with a number of open issues to be addressed in the years to come.

Description of work

  • Task 3.3.1 Identification of topics for SIs, book chapters, books, journals, and monitoring of CfPs
  • Task 3.3.2 Organization of SIs and writing of books and book chapters
  • Task 3.3.3 Promotion activities

Contact person

luc.vandendorpe at uclouvain.be


Additional information