WP 3.6 The NEWCOM# Portal and related Web Presence Tools

This WP will ensure adequate “Web Presence” to the project, and will develop all the necessary tools for cooperative operation of the whole NoE. The main tool will be the “NEWCOM# Portal” that will integrate as a heritage the Virtual Center of Excellence www.vicewicom.eu which was developed in the framework of the NEWCOM++ project as an instrument to support knowledge sharing. The portal will also feature a specific, dedicated section for EuWIn, will integrate a videoconferencing tool to hold virtual meetings, and will host periodic issues of the “NEWCOM# NewsLetter” reporting on the life and achievements of the NoE.

Description of work

  • Task 3.6.1 Development of the NEWCOM# Portal
  • Task 3.6.2 The NEWCOM# NewsLetter and Social Networking
  • Task 3.6.3 Maintenance and Support

Contact person

roberto.verdone at unibo.it

Additional information