Call 2014

Recent Calls for Mobility Grants: Call 2014

Special Call for Newcom# Mobility Grants

Important dates:

Opening : 12th September 2014
Application deadline : 10th  October 2014
Notification : 10th  November 2014

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In the last call for mobility grants (closed on 10th October 2014) following researchers were funded:



Paolo Del Fiorentinio (CNIT-Pisa, Italy) – PhD student ?

Hosting institution: CTTC, Spain ?

Visit duration: 1 month



Carmine Vitiello (CNIT, Italy)  – PhD student ?

Hosting institution: Eurecom, France

Subject: First  steps toward 5G modem prototyping

Visit duration: 1 month


Georg Pichler (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)  – PhD student ?

Hosting institution: Supelec, France

Subject: Multiterminal source coding based on the information-bottleneck principle

Visit duration: 4 months



Yi Chu (University of York, UK)  – Young researcher?

Hosting institution: Eurecom, France

Subject: Software defined radio hardware investigation on 4G and beyond 4G networks

Visit duration: 1 month


Alejandro de la Fuente (University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain)  – PhD student  ?

Hosting institution: Eurecom, France

Subject: Resource allocation for multicast service in 4G/5G mobile networks

Visit duration: 2 months




In the first call for mobility grants of the Year 2 (closed on 1st April  2014) following researchers were funded:



Giusy Alfano (Polito, Italy) – Experienced Researcher 

Hosting institution: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Germany
Subject: Energy Efficient Massive MIMO communications
Visit duration: 1 month



Marwa Chafii (Supélec, France) – PhD student 
Hosting institution: Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Subject: Studies of Generalized Waveforms for Multi Carrier (GWMC) modulation system with low PAPR
Visit duration: 1 month


Paolo Del Fiorentinio (CNIT-Pisa, Italy) – PhD student 
Hosting institution: Ghent University, Belgium
Subject: Characterization of the behavior and performance limits of a cellular network in the presence of relay stations
Visit duration: 1 month


Najeeb ul Hassan (TUD, Germany) - PHD student 
Hosting institution: University of Cergy-Pontoise/CNRS, France
Subject: Spatially Coupled codes over Block-Fading Channels
Visit duration: 1 month


Li Wenjie (University of Paris Sud/CNRS, France) - PhD student 
Hosting institution: CNIT, Bologna, Italy 
Subject: Game Theoretic approach to timing channel communications in jamming scenarios.
Visit duration: 1 month  


Alessio Zappone (TUD, Germany) - Young researcher 
Hosting institution: Alcatel Lucent chair on flexible radio, Supélec, France
Subject: Energy efficiency optimization in 5G cellular networks: cooperative and self-organizing approaches 
Visit duration: 1 month  

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