Call 2013

Recent Calls for Mobility Grants: Call 2013

Important dates:

  • Opening : 31st January 2013
  • Application deadline : 15th  March 2013
  • Notification : 15th  April 2013

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In the first call for mobility grants following researchers were founded:

Melchiorre Danilo Abrignani (CNIT-Bologna) – PhD student 
Hosting institution: CTTC 
Subject: Self-configuration and Optimization of Hybrid LTE Femto-M2M Network for Smart City Applications 
Visit duration: 1 month

Riccardo Andreotti (CNIT-Pisa)- Young researcher 
Hosting institution: Alcatel-Lucent Chair on Flexible Radio – Supelec 
Subject: Power allocation for green femto cells using game theory 
Visit duration: 1 month

Salvatore D’Oro (CNIT-Catania)- PhD student 
Hosting institution: CNRS- Paris Sud 
Subject: Game Theoretic approach to timing channel communications in jamming scenarios. 
Visit duration: 1 month

Sophie Fosson (CNIT-Torino)-Young researcher 
Hosting institution: CTTC 
Subject: Distributed sparse signal estimation: new models and solutions 
Visit duration: 1 month

Mohsen Rezaeekheirabadi (VUT)- PhD student 
Hosting institution:  Imperial College in London 
Subject: Interference management with imperfect CSIT
Visit duration: 1 month

Vincenzo Zambianchi (CNIT-Bologna)- PhD student 
Hosting institution: SUPELEC 
Subject: Distributed field estimation via consensus techniques 
Visit duration: 6 months


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