EURACON (European Association of Communications & Networking) is a non-profit registered association established to facilitate research and disseminate culture in the fields of communications and networking science and technology at the European level. EURACON was established by some researchers belonging to NEWCOM++, to maintain and possibly go on with some of the activities of the NoE. Hence, it constitutes an illustrative example of the willingness and commitment of NEWCOM’s community to undertake and underpin initiatives beyond the EC-funding periods.

The association will establish national points of presence in EU countries, and will liaise with similar entities at the National and International level (SEE, VDE, IEE, AICT/GTTI, FICTE, IEEE) to possibly come to a Continental harmonization of the different initiatives in the field. NEWCOM# will explore strategies to liaise with and leverage on EURACON for the organization of some selected NoE activities (e.g. training schools).

A link to EURACON’s portal can be found here

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