Call 2015

Recent Calls for Mobility Grants: Call 2015

Special Call for Newcom# Mobility Grants

Important dates:

Opening : 28th February 2015
Application deadline : 30th  March 2015
Notification : 10th  June 2015

Related documents:

Application form
Certificate of visit
Research Stay Report


In the last call for mobility grants (closed on 30th  March 2015) following researchers were funded:



Burak Cakmak (AAU, Denmark) – PhD student

Hosting institution: TU Berlin, Germany

Visit duration: 2 months and 2 weeks




Carmine Vitiello (CNIT-UniPI, Italy)  – PhD student ?

Hosting institution: CNRS-Eurecom, France


Visit duration: 2 months




Gerherd Steinboeck (AAU, Denmark) – Young researcher?

Hosting institution: Tech. University Ilmenau, Germany

Visit duration: 1 month and 1 week




Laura Galluccio (CNIT-UniCT, Italy) - Experienced Researcher 

Hosting institution: CNRS, France

Visit duration: 1 month




Li Wenjie (CNRS-UPSud, France) - PhD student

Hosting institution: CNIT/ UniBO, Italy

Visit duration: 1 month and 2 weeks




Quentin Bodinier (CNRS-Supelec, France) – PhD student

Hosting institution: CTTC, Spain

Visit duration: 1 month




Slawomir J. Ambroziak (Gdansk Univ., Poland) - Young researcher

Hosting institution: IST, Portugal

Visit duration: 1 month


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