Associate Partners

NEWCOM# also benefits from the contribution of a number of Associate Partners (APs). Associate Partners are Academic Institutions or Companies that are active in the same research field as the one of NEWCOM#, are not EC beneficiaries under the same Grant, and wish to participate to some extent into the activities of NEWCOM# without receiving any financial support. Two main types of APs are envisaged: Type I, which are those more interested in conducting dissemination-related activities in collaboration with project partners; and Type II, the main aim of which is to conduct research activities in collaboration with project partners. More specifically:

A Type I Associate Partner, usually a (large) European company, will help the NoE disseminating its own research results towards the European industrial environment and will play an important role in the definition of research objectives. The technology roadmap suggested by such APs will be taken into account by NEWCOM# to possibly steer accordingly its own JPA.


Network Operators and Broadcasters  Equipment Manufacturers

 Telefonica i+D

 Spain  Thales Communications  France
 Orange  France  NEC Labs  Germany
 AVEA  Turkey  Intel Mobile Communications  Germany
 RAI  Italy  Alcatel-Lucent  Germany 
Telecom Italia Italy Nokia Networks Germany


A Type II Associate Partner, usually an Academic or Public Research Institution, will take active part into the research activity of some of the WPs of the NoE without receiving financial support, but with the right to take part into the different WP meetings and initiatives, to have privileged access to documents and deliverables (including possible outcomes of experimental measurement campaigns), to contribute to the writing of deliverables and documentation (including scientific papers), and to be included in the organizing committees of NEWCOM# events.

FTW - Forschungszentrum Telekomunikation Wien GmbH  Austria
Ghent University
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)  Japan
King's College London  UK
Lund University Sweden  Sweden
Parma University  Italy

University of Vigo

Stony Brook University




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