Theoretical Research Issues (R&I)

Work Packages under Track 1 deal with a selected number of theoretical aspects which will be the cornerstone of the Future Wireless Internet to be developed in the coming years. More precisely, WP1.1 investigates on the performance limits of wireless communication systems: how far we can get in terms of data rates, latency, spectral efficiency, etc. and to what extent those limits can be achieved in practical implementations. On a somewhat different key, WP1.2 addresses a number of techniques needed to fulfil the paradigm of cooperative and opportunistic communications. Nowadays, such paradigms are well rooted in LTE cellular systems and, moreover, they will find further ways into the definition of LTE-A where decentralized radio access is expected to play a fundamental role. In a context of an exponentially increasing number of user terminals (e.g. smartphones, M2M devices) and an explosive demand for data rates, energy and bandwidth efficiency places a number of fundamental challenges, that will be addressed by WP1.3.

WP 1.1: Performance Limits of Wireless Communications

WP 1.2: Opportunistic and Cooperative Communications

WP 1.3: Energy - and Bandwidth-Efficient Communications and Networking

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