Training, Dissemination and Human Capital (S&I)

This track includes the organization of traditional dissemination events, like the organization of an Annual NEWCOM# Conference, conference workshops and Special Sessions (WP3.1); the edition and preparation of Special Issues in scholarly journals, Books and Book Chapters (WP3.3); the organization of seasonal training schools and emerging topic workshops (also with contributions of the EuWIn lab, in terms of e.g. lab training courses) for education and training purposes (WP3.2). An important amount of resources will be dedicated to the organization of in-company dissemination events (WP3.4) to be hosted by some of our Associate Partners. Track 3 will count on one Work Package devoted to the development and valorization of human capital (WP3.5) through a number of prizes and mobility grants to be awarded; and one more devoted to the development of the NEWCOM# Portal and other related Web presence tools (WP3.7).

WP 3.1 Annual NEWCOM# Conference, Workshops and Special Sessions

WP 3.2 Education and Training

WP 3.3 Journal Special Issues, Books and Book Chapters

WP 3.4 Industry Liaison and Dissemination

WP 3.5 Development and Valorization of Human Capital

WP 3.6 The NEWCOM# Portal and related Web Presence Tools

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