Key Persons

NEWCOM# Scientific Director

Marco LuiseThe NEWCOM# Scientific Director has the responsibility for the scientific content of the project, including Integration and Spreading of Excellence activities. He chairs the Executive Board and acts as an interface to the Advisory Board (see below) and the European Commission. The Scientific Director of NEWCOM# is Prof. Marco Luise from CNIT. Marco Luise is a Full Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Pisa, Italy. He was the Administration and Management Director of NEWCOM++, and one of the most active members of the past networks.


NEWCOM# Administration and Management Director

Carles Anton


The NEWCOM# Administration and Management (A&M) Director has the responsibility for the administration and management of the project, including timely and accurate reporting to the EC, and internal auditing of the partners’ activities. He also supervise the NEWCOM# office. Dr. Carles Anton-Haro, from CTTC, is the NEWCOM# Administration and Management Director. 




The NEWCOM# Office

The interface of NEWCOM# with the European Commission for all operational and administrative matters is the NEWCOM# Office, headed by Simona Moschini from CNIT. It helps the Directors and the governing bodies implement the due actions, and stand as the central managing operational entity of NEWCOM#. 




Vice-Directors for Research are responsible for the continuous monitoring of activities performed within the research WP’s and coordinate all such activities, with the aim to create the highest possible level of synergy between the various WPs. They identify possible gaps and needs for manpower re-distribution, or inclusion of new partners. Each Vice-Director specifically deals with a thematically homogeneous set of research WP’s. Vice-Directors of Research nominated are Prof. Pierre Duhamel for Track 1, and Prof. Roberto Verdone for Track 2.

Roberto VerdonePierre Duhamel










Luis Correia


The I&S Head is responsible for the continuous monitoring of the Integration and Spreading of Excellence activities under N#’s Track 3. The aim is to create the highest degree of integration for the different NoE activities, and to give the highest visibility to the outside world of the NEWCOM# activity and scientific prominence. His presence in the Executive Board (see below) also ensures close coordination with the Joint Research Activities. The Head of Integration and Spreading is Prof. Luis Correia.



 NEWCOM# Local Scientific Representatives

One local representative per partner acts as an interface between the diverse NEWCOM# consortium bodies (in particular with the NEWCOM# Office) and the group of local research-ers/PhD students. He/she monitors the local research activities, broadcasts locally the information received from the central bodies in a timely manner, and generally takes care of timely and accurate reporting. In essence, the local representative is responsible for all local scientific operations. As a rule, this person is the same as the partner’s representative in the General Assembly in order to avoid overlapping and/or conflicting responsibilities.


NEWCOM# Local Administrators

Each partner in the network appoints an administrative contact person with whom the NEWCOM# Office maintains regular contacts, primarily through e-mail, and when appropriate through telephone calls and videoconference. The Local Administrator, with the coopera-tion of the above-mentioned Local Scientific Representative, prepares Periodic Activity Reports and Cost Statements for the NEWCOM# Office in order to facilitate effective monitoring of the progress of the project. As a rule, the local administrator is not the same person as the Local Scientific Representative. 


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